Since this year, representative Taniguchi has reduced the number of days he stays in Paris to less than half of what he used to, so we have not been accepting customers from Japan or overseas who wish to take lessons for a while.
As the Irony Paris store celebrates its 7th anniversary, we would like everyone who has been supporting us to visit our Paris store again. I want you
We decided to sell Taniguchi's private lesson tickets at the Paris store because we would like to help you realize what you want to do.

Please see below for details.

I would appreciate it if you could spend a fun and fulfilling time in Paris with everyone again ♪

Apply for Paris store bouquet lesson ticket from "here"

▼Overview of Paris store “Private Bouquet Lesson Ticket”:

This is a ticket that allows you to take a private bouquet lesson with representative Taniguchi at the Irony Paris store.

Validity period: 2 years (from April 2022 to the end of April 2024)
Lesson fee: 250 euros (up to 3 tickets per person)
Lesson time: about 2 hours Photo: Commemorative photo at Menil street where the store is located

●Bouquet lesson with materials left to you ●If you have a request for bouquet style or material, please let us know when adjusting the schedule.
●In private lessons, you can focus on what you are not good at and what you want to check.
●It is possible to take the course with a friend (demonstrations will be conducted individually).

▶︎Flow from application to lesson:
Apply from the application form Payment information Confirmation of payment Confirmation of payment Once you have decided to go to France, adjust the lesson schedule (contact to adjust the schedule)
taking lessons

▶︎Taniguchi is scheduled to go to France:
(Please check the website for the latest information)

April 4-27, 2022

February 2023 April June October

*Please note that refunds cannot be made after payment has been made.
*If you are unable to travel to France due to personal reasons, or if your schedule does not match your stay in Paris, Taniguchi will bundle the bouquet in Japan and send it to you. If you specify a delivery date and time, and if Taniguchi's schedule does not match, we will send the bouquet bundled at the Ashiya or Minami Aoyama stores.
*If the schedule cannot be adjusted due to our convenience, or if the schedule cannot be adjusted due to changes in the world situation, a refund is possible.