We are pleased to inform you that we have decided to accept new applications for the [Irony Flower School Accredited School Instructor Training Online Course], which is being held irregularly!

Irony accredited schools are spreading all over the country, and teachers' networks and communities are also active.
We have received feedback that not only can you learn technology, but you can also get lifelong companions and lifework.

Here is the current list of Irony Flower School accredited schools.

▼ Recruitment outline is as follows.
[Course overview]
■Course tuition student 480,000 yen (tax included) *Can be paid in two installments

*Viewing only Create a dedicated account on the class Instagram, view the course there,
It is also possible to view on ZOOM from a PC, etc.
Since the archive is also left, it is possible to browse other than real time ・
In addition, active accredited school instructors can participate in the reading course for free.

■Schedule and Curriculum *Please note that some changes have been made.

Each day will start at 14:30 and finish at around 17:00, but please note that the end time may be exceeded depending on the curriculum.

Day 0 July 16th

・Orientation for students only (explanation of certified schools, preparation materials, etc.)

Day 1 July 30th

・Bouquet Ron, Round Arrangement (Bouquet Ron flower material used) + Review flower material

Day 2 August 6th

・Bouquet champette, one side arrangement (using bouquet champetre flower material) + review flower material

Day 3 August 27th

・How to take and use photos, bouquet of leak

*From the 3rd time onwards, we will move from irony to flower material shipping lessons from the market. It will be received on Thursday and will need to be unloaded. You will receive flower materials for 3 lessons, so you can review and practice other than the curriculum.

Day 4 September 10th

・ About color matching and flower matching, throw in 1 + flower material for review
Day 5 September 17th

・ Regarding PR on SNS, bouquet de marie + flower material for review

Day 6 October 8th

・How to purchase and catch the fish
Day 7 October 22nd

・One side style arrangement 2, bouquet champette 2

Day 8 November 5th

・ Box flower, various lesson design methods and cost adjustment

* From the 8th lesson onwards, we will shift to lessons using flower materials from the market based on your own orders. Orders placed on Wednesday require pick-up and unloading work on Thursday. You will receive flower materials for 3 lessons.
Day 9 November 19th

・Bouquet graphics, shipment of flower materials, and packaging and shipment of finished products

Day 10 December 3rd

・Regarding basket composition, packing and shipping work, and online shop sales
Day 11 December 10th

・Lessons by recruiting students by yourself (friends and family members are also fine. It is a lesson that you will actually create) You can change the schedule. For the content, select the design of a lesson from an accredited school in the same month in the past.

・Shipping completed bouquets and arrangements (with students)

Day 12 December 17th

・Several demonstrations by Taniguchi

・Examination for accredited instructor certification (It will be held at the Aoyama store, and those who cannot participate will be able to participate via ZOOM, and a spare day will be provided.)

Supplementary class 1 time 10,000 yen (tax included)
Exam 2 works 33,000 yen (tax included)
*You can take the exam via zoom.
Those who pass the exam can open a certified school.
(Please let us know if you do not want to attend.
You can still hold the qualification to open the course, but if there are other applicants in the same area who wish to open the course and the opening slots in the area are filled, the course may not be offered. )

■Minimum number of participants: 6 Please note that if this number is not reached, the course will not be held.

To apply for the course, please fill out the form below and contact us at nintei@illony.com.
We will send you instructions on where to send the money.
The application will be completed after the transfer is confirmed.

・Course name Instructor training course or reading class
・Your name ・Your name in furigana ・Postal code ・Address ・Phone number――――――――――――――――――――――

Please note that the number of applicants is limited.
Please note that it will be on a first-come, first-served basis.